i lost my best friend.

pumpkin laying on bed

on sunday the 8th of may, pumpkin went missing. the next day, around 2:30pm BST on the monday, we found him hiding in a bush in the back of a neighbour's garden, and carried him home.

a neighbour had put out weed killer (pesticide) around pumpkin's favourite bush. he got the poisonous substance on his coat before he cleaned himself.

he was taken to the vet as he couldn't walk on his back legs, couldn't control his bladder and was drooling. he wasn't as perky as he usually was. the vet gave him medicine, but by the time we got back home he already had a stroke and couldn't feel half of his body.

on the morning of wednesday the 11th of may, i left my house at 7:00am BST. i said goodbye to pumpkin, not knowing it would be the last time.

i was 200~ miles away from home when a relative told me on a call at 12:16pm BST that pumpkin had passed away peacefully as they reached the vetinary clinic and that he didn't feel any pain as he drifted off.

i miss him so so so much.
i said i was alone, but at least i had someone watching me do random things on my computer.
now i truly have no one.
no one to meow at me, or jump onto my lap at random times and stare at my monitor with me, no one to give me comfort with their presence 24/7.

you were on my bed for nine years, and i'll never forget that.
thank you for helping me through my teenage years.

pumpkin's collar